Hello everyone and welcome to my blog

Before starting on the topics mentioned in my blog’s ‘About’ section, I would like to first start this blog with a letter to someone who has affected every aspect of my life for the last 7 years, and the lives of millions of other Canadians.

Dear Stephen Harper,

I hope this letter finds you well.

I am a Sudanese Canadian, who followed the Canadian dream by pursing my education and earning one certificate after another, until I had no room to hang them up in my wall. I also did the whole entry level job thing with the hope that I will eventually move up the ladder, which I never did. I did everything I could possibly do to improve my living situation, which was below the poverty line.

After almost a decade of struggling to make ends meet, I find myself thousands of miles away from Canada looking for a job overseas. Very lonely, broke, cold and suffering from an obsessive crush, which I will get to you later.

I just feel that had you and your government had young Canadians in your political agenda, I wouldn’t be here today. I would be in Canada with my friends and everyone I love and care for. Instead I am at a foreign land with no friends and family looking for a job, which my own country didn’t bother to provide.

I did everything from working at call centers, to door to door marketing. From working as a concierge to taping adds on street polls when it was -10 degrees outside. I didn’t complain then because I thought to myself everyone must start somewhere. That everyone goes through this and that when I finally graduate more doors will open and I will work in my field and start with an entry level job and work my way up. Well.. let me tell you something Stephen, doors Never opened! They simply didn’t  I did everything I could. Workshops for ‘ how to write the perfect resume’, ‘best interview skills’ and everything I needed to know to find ‘the perfect job’. I can write books on these topics and perhaps win an award for it!

I always pictured myself working, living and settling in Canada. I had dreams of buying my first car, after learning how to drive of course. How I am going to throw a party after buying my first house. How I will start a family and have children and help bring them up to be good citizens.

You know Stephen.. what really hurts is that I believed in the Canadian dream with all my heart. I couldn’t wait to give back to this beautiful country, but I couldn’t. I was never able to secure a decent job that wasn’t offered to me in the first place!

Where was I in your plans Stephen? Where were the young and hopeful Canadians? Do you ever think of us? Do we ever come up when you are meeting with your party? How important are we to you, the poor and under privileged youth? Truth is we are never in your or your party’s thoughts, being conscious or subconscious. We don’t matter! After all we can’t offer you generous campaign donations because we are unemployed!

I am thousands of miles away from home. Thousands of miles away from every heart that beats with love for me. Connecting to the internet through my neighbor’s Wi-Fi, struggling to find a job and missing Canada even though it’s freezing there right now, something I thought will never happen in a million years!

I hold you responsible for the employment conditions my generation is going through or lack thereof! For my lonely nights when I have to cry myself to sleep. For the long walks to the closest grocery store here because I can’t afford taking a taxi. For the pain I feel every time someone tells me here that they heard Canada is a great place for employment opportunities and wonder what am I doing here!

My endurance will not change how I feel towards Canada. I will never become a bitter Canadian for I love you Canada :). I love your friendly people. The fight over who gets a seat in the bus, with the occasional pushing. The sound of the Chinese flute playing in the TTC subway, and how I used to sit and listen to the flutist only offering him a smile afterwards because that was all I could afford, and him taking it gracefully. I love the random chit-chats with friendly strangers about anything and everything. I never wanted to leave you Canada for I love everything about you and I miss you! I just wish these feelings were mutual. As big as you are Canada, I couldn’t find in you a place for me.

So Stephen, I will communicate with you from time to time because you need to know what is happening in my life since your policies do affect every Canadian even the ones stranded overseas. As a politician you need to be reminded of the fact that budget proposals aren’t simply used to beat the opposition into a majority at the parliament. Everything you do or fail to do affects real Canadians; real humans with dreams, hopes and aspirations. They affect us all.




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